Choose your image & font

Jot down the image & font codes

(example I - 7 & F -3)

Build your unique logo

Tap the pause and play buttons on both the image and font to make your unique logo.


Choose your Facebook banner

Jot down the banner code

(example B - 2)

The pictures I use in the banners are free for anyone to use, so they come with the banner. If you want your own photos in there instead just let me know in the notes section during check out!

Gather your codes. 

Head to etsy and put the codes in the note section at check out.

Everyone should have a unique logo without breaking the bank!

This logo is pre-made (by me!) .  However with this logo I am able to make each one unique!  After a logo is purchased I remove the image (STEP 1) and add a new one with either different color hair, skin color or clothes, making your specific color combo of these elements unique

New York, USA