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New Logo Design Section

I will be adding a new page called Logos - YAY! I will be adding logo options every month or two so check back soon or send me a message letting me know what you are looking for.

I will be offering a wide range of logo options at a budget friendly prices, usually under $50.00. These logos will be pre-made (by me!) this means that the designs will be resold to others that are looking for the same thing but never the same color. Luckily there are like a billion colors so your design will still be unique :).

If money "aint a thing" or you have a bit more you'd like to spend on your very own unique logo I can do that too! Packages start at $350 for just a logo. I will also have an add on section where you will be able to get business cards, brochure layouts, banner pages and more!

All these things take time .. sigh ... so visit often and even say hi if you want!

- I think I have comments enabled :)

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