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Friday Blog updates

For now I plan to do Friday updates. So you can check here to see what I am working on this week!

So here is my exciting week for Upstate NY Spring -


99 Designs - Completing logo work for a client - if you ever want to visit me on 99design come on over! I work with clients on a regular basis.

Etsy - I going to start working on organizing my Halloween Folder for etsy. I like to go through and update art work in some of the designs, and rework others - meaning get the sketch book out!

Zazzle - I want to get 4th of July bags up along with a couple of summer bags for those who like to go to the library for good old fashion books or head to the beach or market with a cute personalized tote in hand!

My Website - Still working on that Logo page - I hope to have at least 10 preset logos to choose from by the end of summer! I'd put a link but you are here so that would be weird. I also need to look into making the website look good on phones!

My other job - yup there is another one :). My husband and I run a business together - I could write a whole blog about that adventure .. maybe someday :) - but for now I will bore you with updates on what I am currently working on instead. While he does a bunch of back end sorcery (he is a programmer) I will be working on updating our website. You can always head over there and see whats up - I plan to start a blog on that site as well but will share it with my husband so sometimes the posts will be on IOS's swift 17 update or other tech jargon and other times it will be about pretty rainbows and unicorns (that will be my posts! I do like rainbows .. and unicorns ...) come on over to if you want to check out that too!

Inspiration -

As an artist it is important to get get good inspiration - I get that from cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, raising two teenage boys (so many boys in this house) and training a couple of hellhounds - Beagle/ Jack Russel mixes on some days. Other days I am at Wegmans with my car that only sometimes runs but I am holding out for a Tesla. I am pretty sure I am getting one for my Birthday (I hope you see this husband!) sometimes this tactic works - I did get a $30.00 gift card to the spa last year with this tactic so it will most likely work!

New York, USA