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Ice Cream Day!

If you live up north you know the day I am talking about :). The day the temperature goes from 45 to 90 degrees overnight and everyone gets out of work early to line up at the ice cream shops. These places must make most of their profit on this day alone up here! Yeah I was in line :).

Since I couldn't move after all that ice cream I did some planning yesterday, I took a look at the past week and thought well I completed two of the 40 things on my plate - Yay for me! I am sure you've all had those moments where your like - what was I thinking - lets spread that plan out a bit!

With that in mind here is my Pixie plan for the next few months:

May & June

1. Finish my logo page with 5 logo options

June & July

2. Work on my personalized logo - I think I finally sketched up a thumbnail I like - so I am going to go with it and see if I can bring my own logo to life!

3. Continue to organize folders (this may actually take me all year).

July & August

4. Post Halloween items on etsy

5. Make 5 new Halloween items

I really want to make a couple of summer designs for bags but they may have to wait until next year - we will see how the next few weeks go!

New York, USA