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End of School Taxi Mom

I bet there are quite a few moms out there (even Dads too! :)) that feel the summer taxi season beginning. It starts with the innocent "I need to be brought to reviews and tests" but soon turns into can I go to the water park with all my friends oh and can you drive? The good news for us designers is any opportunity to get out there and observe the whole process is great for us, we can look at the water parks website and brochures they hand out and admire or criticize the logo at the park.

I like to start off my adventures with the kids by having a bit of fun but I seem to tire much faster than they do so I've learned to bring my pad and pencil and find a quite place and sketch what comes to mind while feeling the mood at the place I am at, this comes in handy during future requests for logos for places like .... water parks :). I can go back to that sketch section and relive the vibe. This helps me relate to what the client wants.

So head out there and enjoy the beginning of your kid taxi summer!

New York, USA